Caye Caulker – Belize

Belize (formerly British Honduras) became independent from Britain on Sept. 21st, 1981. English is the official language, although many other languages are spoken. A popular Creole dialect can be heard on the streets throughout this tiny country on the Caribbean coast.

While geographically Belize sits in the belly-button of many Spanish speaking countries in the region, culturally Belize has more in common with other former British colonies in the Caribbean.

Allegedly used by British pirates (Buccaneers) as a place to ‘cork’ or ‘caulk’ their ships, Caye Caulker was not formally settled until the late 1800’s by Spanish speaking Mestizos, fleeing the War of the Caste in neighboring Yucatan.  Today, Caye Caulker continues to grow in popularity among those looking for a new and simplistic way of life.

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